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Giving Back

My Grandfather was a salt of the earth farmer who dedicated much of his time in public office serving his small agricultural community.  He gave special care and attention towards the health and mental wellbeing of the people he served and it was a cause close to his heart throughout his life.  In his honor it has been one of my most heartfelt wishes for Alighten Natural Skin Care to go beyond superficial beauty and give back in a way that has honest, true meaning and real life impact. I am sincerely and profoundly grateful to have grown up in such a way that happiness was not based on material riches but on the richness of the connections in our humble home and community. Even with humble beginnings, I grew up living a full life in which all my needs were always met, but there are so many children and families who live in conditions that do not provide for the chance for the fulfillment of even their basic needs.  There is so much they can do if given a helping hand. It is in that spirit of giving that Alighten Natural Skin Care is committed to donating one percent of our sales to Action Against Hunger.  And as our company grows, so will our opportunity to give more. 

Action Against Hunger is an organization that is committed to empowering communities, children, and families to take action to become free from hunger.  They save the lives of malnourished children and actively address the need for clean water, food, training, healthcare, and emergency response. They have impacted 14.9 million people in 47 countries to date.  They are an incredible organization that provides life saving and life enriching help to those profoundly in need to help them help themselves.  To learn more about Action Against Hunger, please visit their site at

Your generosity creates a cycle of giving that can have a powerful impact.  We thank you sincerely for your contribution to the health and wellbeing of so many children and families.

Elaine Becker

Founder, Alighten Natural Skin Care