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1)  Eco conscious

Alighten Natural Skin Care strives to be friendly to our environment with our natural face care products. We use glass bottles, which are infinitely recyclable, for our full size products, and recyclable plastic bottles for our samples. Our retail boxes are composed of 50% post-consumer waste and are recyclable. Our shipping boxes and packing material are made from recycled post-consumer content and are recyclable. Our raw ingredients are always naturally derived, and organic, non-GMO and sustainably sourced wherever possible. And we are always striving to improve to continue to become more gentle on our environment.


2)  Are your products tested on animals?

Alighten Natural Skin Care products are never tested on animals.  Alighten Natural Skin Care is proud to be PETA Cruelty-Free certified.


3)  Are your products vegan?

All our natural face care products are made with vegan ingredients.


4)  Storage

Alighten Natural Skin Care products should be stored away from sun and excessive heat to maintain maximum freshness, efficacy, and shelf life.


5)  Shelf life

We recommend the following shelf-life for maximum potency:

We use only natural and non-toxic preservative systems. All our products have passed independent third party testing to ensure the efficacy of our products. Because of their natural nature, our ingredients may be more sensitive to environmental exposure than products using synthetic or toxic preservatives or ingredients.  If you notice any inappropriate smell or discoloration in one of our products, don’t worry - simply contact us at and we’ll gladly provide a replacement.


6)  Are your products gluten-free?

Our products do not contain wheat or wheat derived ingredients, however, we cannot guarantee our products are 100% gluten-free due to other ingredients which may be handled in the same supplier facilities.


7) Are your products safe for pregnancy?

Our products contain rose water, and rose geranium and neroli essential oils, which can have hormonal balancing effects. We recommend you consult your physician regarding specific skin care products and regimens during pregnancy.


8)  How are your products made?

Alighten Natural Skin Care products are designed to offer a luxurious skin care experience that is a daily joy of pampering care and health. We have spent countless hours over years researching the most beneficial, gentle, and effective natural skin care ingredients, collaborating with cosmetic chemists to ensure efficacy, effectiveness, and safety, and testing batch after batch to find just the right combination and balance of beneficial ingredients, rheology, and subtle natural aroma. Alighten Natural Skin Care products are made in small batches at a natural skin care manufacturing facility in Colorado. Our goal is to provide you a beautiful skin care experience with safe and luxurious ingredients.


9)  Are there any exclusions from Alighten Natural Skin Care promotions?

We are so pleased to offer various promotions as our gift to you and to allow you an increased opportunity to try our products. Promotion codes do not apply to sample and travel sizes, as well as gift cards.


10) Is Alighten Natural Skin Care available outside the United States?

We are currently offering our products only within the United States, but we are working to offer them in other areas soon.


11) Do you have gift cards available?

We offer e-gift cards as a wonderful option to share the gift of choice for the pampering experience of Alighten Natural Skin Care. To purchase an e-gift card, please click "Shop", which is located along the top bar of our web page, and select "Gifts and Sets".