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About Us

We create beautiful, complex formulas that contain beneficial, high-performance natural skin care ingredients to pamper you and your skin the right way.

While experiencing my own health challenge, I began to take an honest look at my lifestyle, including the products my family and I were putting on our skin every day.  When I took the time to turn the bottle around and really read the ingredients, I was stunned to find a host of synthetic and unhealthy ingredients which in some cases were linked to significant health concerns. Understanding that the accumulation of toxins all around us in our environment, in our food, and in the products we use can have a significant cumulative effect on our health, I decided to take one small step toward a more healthy life and went searching for skin care products that were truly natural and beneficial. It was then that I decided to create my own options that satisfied all my desires.





Alighten Natural Skin Care is born out of my desire to create beautiful non-toxic skin care that doesn’t require a choice between luxurious, natural, and effective. Our luxury skin care products are the result of years of loving research, collaboration with cosmetic chemists and beauty experts, and care and detail into our ingredients and packaging to create cruelty-free, natural skin care, balanced with a little Colorado luxe.


At Alighten Natural Skin Care, we strive to create beauty with inner conscience. From our paraben-free facial cleansers to our natural facial oils, we are committed to being gentle on our environment by using glass bottles which can be infinitely recycled and retail box and shipping packaging which is made from recycled materials. We respect life by not testing our products on animals and are committed to creating positive social impact by donating a portion of our sales to a charity that works to empower communities, children, and families to take action to become free from hunger.  

We navigate many priorities and invest so much energy into others, but we often forget to take the time to care for ourselves. I have always believed we should treat ourselves gently and with kindness and our skin is an integral part of us. It helps protect and define and it should be lovingly cared for and respected. Our ingredients reflect that care and our utmost goal has been to create natural formulas that provide a truly pampering, luxe experience that is worth taking a moment from your busy day to show yourself some love.  

 With love and gratitude,


 Elaine Becker, Founder 

 Alighten Natural Skin Care


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