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The Alighten Natural Skin Care Story

February 20, 2017

The Alighten Natural Skin Care Story

We are over-the-moon pleased to introduce Alighten Natural Skin Care. Our mission is to create natural and non-toxic, luxuriously pampering, and high-performance skin care that doesn’t require a choice between luxe, natural, and effective.

My name is Elaine Becker and I'm the founder of Alighten Natural Skin Care.  I'm also a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, auntie, animal, music, and art lover, and a Colorado native.

My journey towards founding Alighten Natural Skin Care began when I was experiencing a health issue that took me down a several-month-long path of multiple doctors to finally reach a diagnosis and treatment.  During that time I spent a great deal of time researching and focusing on ways to improve my health which were within my own power.  I started to take an honest look at the products my family and I were using every day and began to understand the level of synthetic and sometimes unhealthy ingredients used in skin care today, some of which have been linked to significant health concerns.  
Being a self-proclaimed luxury skin care groupie, I started to look for healthy products that would provide the luxe experience of the high-end skin care I loved.

As I started to use natural products, I learned that my skin reacted differently to natural, healthy ingredients. Just as when you start to consistently eat healthy, nutrient-rich foods, and your mind and body feel more energized and positive, using natural ingredients for my skin care caused my skin to begin to experience a renewed life and glow. It was as if my skin had been starving for true nourishment and it flourished with the right nutrition.

I became interested in understanding the purpose and origin of every ingredient and learned how to formulate natural skin care using high-quality, natural ingredients that were time tested for their effectiveness, benefits, and safety. I spent years formulating batch after batch until I found just the right synergies to address my skin concerns - sensitive and reactive, fine lines and wrinkles, dull and dehydrated, yet prone to stress and hormone related breakouts.

When I decided to take the path towards launching Alighten Natural Skin Care, I worked with cosmetic chemists to perfect the texture and subtle scents and rheology, obsessively worked to ensure only the highest quality natural ingredients were sourced, and engaged cruelty-free, third party testing to ensure the stability and efficacy of our products using only natural and safe preservative systems. And we didn’t forget that beautiful skin care also means gorgeous packaging because that is part of the pleasure of the experience of luxe skin care. Our products are presented in beautiful, quality glass bottles which are also infinitely recyclable, and elegant box packaging made from 50% post consumer paper.

We are truly proud of these beautiful, beneficial formulas made from natural, non-toxic, high-performance, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients that care for your skin the right way and allow it to flourish.

At Alighten Natural Skin Care it is also one of our most heartfelt wishes to go beyond superficial beauty and give back in a way that has honest, true meaning and benefit. It is in that spirit that we are committed to giving a portion of our sales to an amazing organization called Action Against Hunger which is committed to empowering communities, children, and families to become free from hunger by providing life saving and enriching help by addressing the need for clean water, food, training, healthcare, and emergency assistance to those in need. Your generosity in purchasing our products helps create a cycle of giving that can have a powerful impact.

Skin care is not just about beauty, it is about taking the time to provide love and care for yourself and to consider yourself a worthwhile priority. After working for Fortune 500 companies for over 16 years in highly demanding roles, and adding the incredible blessings and responsibilities of a family, I know how easy it is to sacrifice your own self-care for the needs of your family and career when there are not enough hours in the day. Alighten Natural Skin Care is about reserving a few moments every day to nourish your skin and yourself with beautiful, luxe skin care that feels special to use. We hope our products make you feel as radiant on the inside as you are within.

  With love and sincere gratitude,

  Elaine Becker
  Founder, Alighten Natural Skin Care




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